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Brand Name/Manufactured Generic Name/Name Sold As
IBUGESIC Manufactured by CIPLA AdvilGenprilIbuprofenMenadolNuprin 
Imdur Manufactured by Generic DurideIsosorbide mononitrateIsmoIsotrate ERMonoket 
IMDUR Manufactured by ASTRA ZENECA VasotrateImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
Imigran Manufactured by Glaxo Wellcome Imitrex 
Imitrex Manufactured by GLAXO Sumatriptan 
Imodium Manufactured by ETHNOR Loperamide 
IMODIUM Manufactured by ETHNOR LoperamidePepto Diarrhea 
Imovane Manufactured by Rhone Poulenc Zopiclone 
INDERAL Manufactured by NICHOLAS P Propranolol 
Inderal Manufactured by WYETH-AYERST Propranolol 
INDOFLAM Manufactured by SUN PHARMA ArtisidIndocinIndomethacin 
INTAGRA Manufactured by INTAS CoverataSildenafil CitrateGeneric Viagra 
IPRAVENT Manufactured by Cipla AtroventIpratopIpratropium Bromide 
IROVEL Manufactured by SUN PHARMA AvaproIrbesartan 
ISMO Manufactured by HOECHST ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
ISMO 20 Manufactured by HOECHST ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMonoket 
Isotane Manufactured by Pacific RoaccutaneAccutaneIsotretinoin 
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